iPad Pro 2020 12.9" and Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+
Source: Sammobile; https://www.sammobile.com/news/galaxy-tab-s7-vs-ipad-pro-2021/

I was recently looking for a decent tablet, so I could avoid carrying around my Lenovo Legion 7 laptop, when on travels. Given the security state of my country and the overall lack of portability of laptops nowadays (My laptop was portable, but I was increasingly tired of lugging 15.6" gadgets around even if they were not exactly heavy). My primary focus though was a device I can use to access my projects in Figma, while also being able to do some light graphic design works on the go (I’m not a very good graphics designer mind you). Prior to…

The Arrano Network: Unlocking Innovation, Freedom and Opportunity in DeFi
From Arrano Network Dex

The Arrano Network

With the rise in digital currency and the emergence of new technology, a lot has been going on in the crypto world. Tokens have risen and fallen in value, some new tokens have emerged too. There are new UBI initiatives to distribute tokens to all. Quiet the buzz eh?

What then is the Arrano network or the Arrano DeX (Decentralized Exchange). Before we can attempt to explain, we need to have a little bit of understanding of what a blockchain is, what decentralized finance is and what Decentralized exchange is.

What is Blockchain?

A blockchain is a series of “blocks” Which carry information…

Williams Chidiebere Okoronkwo

Product Designer by Day... Amateur Gamer by Night

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