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The Arrano Network: Unlocking Innovation, Freedom and Opportunity in DeFi
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The Arrano Network

With the rise in digital currency and the emergence of new technology, a lot has been going on in the crypto world. Tokens have risen and fallen in value, some new tokens have emerged too. There are new UBI initiatives to distribute tokens to all. Quiet the buzz eh?

What then is the Arrano network or the Arrano DeX (Decentralized Exchange). Before we can attempt to explain, we need to have a little bit of understanding of what a blockchain is, what decentralized finance is and what Decentralized exchange is.

What is Blockchain?

A blockchain is a series of “blocks” Which carry information. So, in essence, a block stores information which is powered by cryptography. This information can be a date, time, transaction details etc, and this information can be passed from block to block. That is why it is called a blockchain. This technology is popular as it guarantees high privacy and security, transactions are transparent and can be seen by everyone, operations are executed faster at lower costs and a host of other advantages.

DeFi is a system where financial services are obtained by users without much fuss about security and privacy. Anyone anywhere can access funds on the open finance system easily. With the advent of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, this has become a possibility. Services in the DeFi network are decentralized and under constant surveillance in the smart contract. These smart contracts enable powerful apps called Decentralized Apps (Dapps). These Dapps help to ensure the fact that there is no one authority, governing automation or security.

During the dawn of cryptocurrency, there were platforms that played roles in matching token buyers with sellers and these platforms/ forums governed the liquidity of the cryptocurrencies. However, these platforms were centralized. Meaning a single authority could govern how your funds are transferred and how secure your assets will be. Blockchain technology has changed all that. Today we have platforms which still do the work of the previously mentioned platforms but with a key difference: They are built on Blockchain. This brings in all the aforementioned advantages of blockchain to the exchange. There is a lot more to DeX and you can find good articles littered online.

Reasons to Join Arrano and Trade on a DeX:

The Arrano network was created for the regulation of Arrano products which include the Arrano P2P platform where you can exchange your tokens to FIAT currency, their Crypto Academy and portfolio management tools among others. The Arrano DeX will allow swapping any digital asset. With the Arrano DeX, you get high validation of your transactions at lower costs, there are high volume and liquidity, P2P fiat exchange where you can trade your tokens directly for Fiat and you will be backed by an ever-increasing community. Before we look at how you can join this community, we first look briefly at the Arrano tokens, ANO and ANDX.

The ANO token is the Arrano Network’s official token. It will be for sharing community ownership, governance of the protocol and basically as the native token for Arrano. There is a total supply of 1 Billion ANO tokens. According to Arrano, the tokens will be distributed thus:

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — -

49% — 490,000,000 tokens for Arrano community members

36% — 360,000,000 tokens for the Arrano LaunchPad called Start-up fueling fund

12.9% — 129,000,000 tokens reserved for the governance

2.1% — 21,000,000 for the investors and advisory team with 4-year vesting.

— — — — — — — — — -

The reserved 49% is further distributed among the 4 front community of Arrano Network.

8% for the Developers Community in 4 phases of development that comes to 140,000,000 ANO tokens

10% for the Media Community that includes authors and publishers that comes to 110,000,000 ANO tokens

11% for the Introducers — The influencers or Project promoters that accounts to 150,000,000 ANO tokens

20% for the liquidity providers, to swap, stake, and hold the token- 900,000,000 ANO tokens

— — — — — — — — — -

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — -

Right now anyone can own the ANO tokens via airdrops and bounties on the Arrano network. Arrano’s ANO tokens will be listed on Uniswap and other standard exchanges.

The ANDX token is a DeFi token launched by Arrano Network for the development of its DeFi Applications. There is a total supply of only 81,800 tokens. The token is based on ERC-20, which means that to trade this token, you need to have Ethereum as it is on the Ethereum blockchain. Pre-sale will start soon for the ANDX tokens, and you get a chance to grab some at lower costs before the prices will drive higher.

You can earn these tokens by referring others to the Arrano Network, participating in the Bounties and also by logging in daily to receive the daily scratch card rewards (earn up to 20 ANO daily, or cash/crypto rewards)

ANO Token: How to claim your ANO Tokens
ANO Token: How to claim your ANO Tokens
From Arrano Network Dex

How to Join the Arrano Network Community:

There are four ways to join the Arrano Network: As a developer, media and author, Trader or Introducer.

Developers consist of the front end developers and product designers responsible for designing and building the network’s DeFi modules.

Media and Authors are responsible for promoting the Arrano Network via Social media platforms, blogs and other forums, using creative contents.

Traders are active investors in the network who buy the tokens to hold or exchange for other digital assets.

Introducers educate people on the Arrano network and create connections over various media platforms.

You can join the Arrano Network Community using the following link:

You need to indicate how you want to join the Arrano Network, if you are not sure, simply join as a trader. Enter your full name and whatever username you wish to use, select your country, input your mobile number and email then choose a password. You get 100 ANO tokens upon registering and also get various gifts for participating in the daily login

rewards and the Bounty challenges.

Here is the link again to register:

My Arrano UID: Panto9

Email ID:

Reach me on Whatsapp: (+234) 08102682678

Follow me on Twitter:

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

You can contact the Arrano team via email:

You can read more on the ANO and ANDX tokens on Arrano’s official page:

Join the Arrano Telegram Group:

Follow Arrano on Twitter:

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